El Remolón

Line up

  • Andres Schteingart (DJ/Producer)
  • Federico Sanchez (VJ)
  • country:
  • label:
    Fertil Discos / ZZK Records
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El Remolón is one of the digital cumbia's pioneers. Long time member of the Buenos Aires based genre bending ZZK crew, dance floor instigator and experimental tropical alchemist he has toured extensively throughout the Americas and Europe, He has 5 albums edited thru the label ZZK Records. Now he's presenting Senderos, his new work, which will be released on October 3rd via Fértil Discos, his very own imprint. Senderos is an album with a distinctive mixture of latin deep bass and vivid lyrics with a more electronic style than his previous works.


El Remolón


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