Turlitawa Shutka
Turlitawa Shutka - Romano Chavo


With Turlitawa Shutka the Macedonian "Singczigan" Mustafa Zekirov and Iwan "Beautiful Noise Wizzard" Harlan from Transgermanien present an Electro-Ethno mix which would do honour to any Emir Kusturica Movie but transfers these gipsy images into the 21st century. This is not tricky DJ-patchwork, here you have avantgarde troubadours making an electrifying dance interpretation of traditional balkan gypsy music.
Their first single "Romano Chavo" uses an excerpt from "Zigeunerjunge", a 1960's „Schlager“ hit by Alexandra. With this quotation Turlitawa Shutka play both contentwise and musically in such a modern and elegant way that the original composers of the song even assigned them the unrestricted right to use the tune - free of charge.