Cimarron, colombian music from Orinoco River


Directed by french filmmaker Jeremiah
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Fierce and contagious rhythm of Colombian joropo is now conquering France with new Cimarrón’s official video.

This August the band released “Auténtica Llanera”, directed by French filmmaker Jeremiah.

This is the first time for a Colombian traditional music band on working with a European director.

Jeremiah is very well known on world music circuit and European indie scene for directing famous bands and artists as Tinariwen, Ballaké Sissoko, The Do, Of Monsters and Men, Dom La Nena, Sophie Hunger and Piers Faccini.

On past may, Jeremiah travelled to the Plains of Colombia to film a homeland love story at a little town called Maní, Casanare, which is known as “home of the bandola”.

The video shows Cimarrón arriving to town and starting a party at a ranch, surrounded by kids who dance joropo music.

Jeremiah rediscovers this Colombian region with amazing shots of nature, dance and daily life from the locals.

Throughout their career, Cimarrón has taken their show to many French cities such as Paris, Toulouse, Arcachon, Massy, ​​Strasbourg, Limoges, La Roche-Sur-Yon, Rennes, Vence, Montbeliard and Poitiers. Now French public come closer to another angle of joropo music.

Cimarrón has toured around 35 countries from five continents.

article submitted by:Carlos Rojas, Cimarrón