"The soul of pipa Vol. 3" - Liu Fang

This Album features 10 pipa solo pieces performed by Liu Fang as part of the series of 3 CDs: Å´oul of pipa (1)¡¦(2001) representing the most ancient classical repertoire for which composers remains anonyms, Å´oul of pipa (2)¡¦(2003) reflecting the time evolution of classical repertoire from the ancient traditions to the recent compositions, and the present volume stressing on the various folk roots from different parts of China.

"une sensibilitꡦfleur de peau et un sens dramaturgique sans ¡¦al¡¦¡¦Mondomix (France, 2006)
Å®et Liu Fang is opnieuw een groot ambassadrice van de Chinese muziek opgestaan.¡¦- De Volkrant (Holland, 2005)
Å·¡¦itable ambassadrice de l'art du pipa¡¦- La LibertêÂde L'Est (France, 2003)
Å®asterful, graceful and riveting¡¦¡¦BBC (London, 2003)


Liu Fang


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The soul of pipa Vol. 3

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