Krismenn // Showcase on 24th in Womex 2013

Krismenn // Showcase on 24th in Womex 2013


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Line up

  • Krismenn (vocal, electronic, percussion, singer, songwritter)


Traditional Breton song meets electro-hip-hop as one-man village dance ensemble, Christophe Le Menn aka Krismenn, builds live looping layers of vocal percussion, double bass, ukulele and slide guitar and lays down some Breton rap-poetry and balladry.

Christophe Le Menn, aka Krismenn, travels through Central Brittany in order to learn the Breton language and traditional singing from the elders. This learning process leads him to singing in the first Kreiz Breizh Akademi orchestra 'Norkst' and to following the teachings of Erik Marchand and various world music artists from Brittany, Albania and India. Explorer of rhythms and rhymes, Krismenn knows how to highlight the music of the Breton language in a modern and personal way of singing. Now he performs solo on stage with a looper, where human beat-box, double bass and slide guitar loops accompany rap songs in an electro / hip-hop world. Krismenn shakes aesthetics and traditions and gives a sound to Breton music as no one has done before.