Gipsy Burek Orkestar

Gipsy Burek Orkestar
Gipsy Burek Orkestar
Gipsy Burek Orkestar


Gipsy Burek Orkestar
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Line up

  • Aki DEMIROV (Tuba)
  • Dragan PETKOV (Trumpet / Voice)
  • Elvis SALIEV (Tuba)
  • Emmanuel MARTRES (Helicon)
  • Fanch MARTRES (Saxophone)
  • Gaby KERDONCUFF (Trumpet / bombarde)
  • Guillaume LE GUERN (Clarinets)
  • Lionel MAUGUEN (Banjo / saz)
  • Serhan DAUTOV (Tuba)
  • Yves-Marie BERTHOU (Tapan / derbouka)

The Burek Brass Band was created in August 2004, during the Prijateljstval Festival in Gorazde, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where Tapage, a collective of musicians from Brest, had been invited that year.

Though the brass band was largely influenced over the years by the musical styles and dances from Serbia, Macedonia and even Turkish Thrace, its musicians have kept their own personal style, be it urban and electric for some or based on classical music or popular Breton music for others.

However that may be, the brassy sounds, crazy rhythms with composed measures and, most importantly, the completely ebullient and perhaps crepuscular atmosphere of the Balkan brass bands will always be present in their repertoire.

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La creation de la Fanfare Burek remonte au mois d'aout 2004, lors du Festival Prijateljstva de Gorazde en Bosnie-Herzegovine, ou est invite le collectif Tapage, reunissant musiciens brestois.

Si le parcours de la fanfare est nettement influence par les styles musicaux et danses de Serbie, Macedoine ou encore de Thrace Turque, les musiciens n'en gardent pas moins leurs differents styles personnels, urbains et electriques pour certains, issus de la musique populaire bretonne ou classique pour d'autres.

Il n'empeche qu'on y retrouvera toujours le son cuivre, les rythmes endiables aux mesures composees, et surtout l'ambiance totalement deluree voire crepusculaire des fanfares balkaniques.