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Asia (225 companies)

  • Kawa Music

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    Management, booking of the percussionnist (tablas), artistic director: Hameed Khan "Kawa" and his groups: Musafir, Jaipur Kawa Brass Band, Kawa Circus
  • WOMEX 2014 delegation Roof Of The World

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Australia / Pacific (120 companies)

  • Fest'Napuan

    Fest’Napuan is a charitable association in Vanuatu focused on the development of the local music industry. It is the organising committee for the annu
  • WOMEX 2014 delegation Penney And Logan

    Penney And Logan
    Penney and Logan are an artist and event management and publicity company with a social media arm which specialises in Facebook mgmt and advertising.

Latin America (549 companies)

  • WOMEX 2014 delegation RaÍz Feliz Corp

    RaÍz Feliz Corp
    Raíz Feliz is a Non Profit Organisation supporting human beings: Performing Arts, dance, music festivals, visual arts, education, master class, etc
  • Anima

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North America (803 companies)

  • Stern Grove Festival

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  • Pipiki Records

    Pipiki Records
    OLA FRESCA's 3rd Studio album ELIXIR COMING in 2015! Swinging, fearless, post Fania, original tropical music bridge of Cuban son, salsa, timba!

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