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Bassline Venue/ Bassline Africa Day Concert/ IGODA - Southern Africa Festival Circuit

Bassline Venue - Founder/Owner Bassline Africa Day Concert - Promoter IGODA (Southern Africa Festival Circuit) - Member

Bema Bureau Export De La Musique Africaine

BEMA - African Music Export Office - is a network of music profesional based in Africa.

Blades Productions Inc.

Ruben Blades TANGOS with Carlos Franzetti Quintet | Luba Mason MIXTURA Exclusive Booking

Busara Promotions

Busara Promotions is a non-profit NGO based in Zanzibar, working through the year to promote music from East Africa and beyond.

Bushfire Festival

Swaziland’s Bushfire Festival is an annual explosion of entertainment hosted in the internationally acclaimed House on Fire - one of the most eclectic