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Tokatangó is a percussion trio from Argentina. Their compositions teem with originality and represent their country's folk music.

Top Five Produções Artistícas Ltda.

Top 5 is a music production studio which works in all areas of music and advertising. We create soundtrack and jingles, and also do music productions

Totem Records Produções Artísticas E Edições Musicais Ltda

Totem Musicais represents a diverse roster of artists and projects related to instrumental music.

Tribu Baharú

TRIBU BAHARÚ es un combo afro-champetúo de músicos del caribe colombiano, influeciados por ‘El Picó’ (Sound System) y toda su musica brava.


Fijate que Suave SC is Troker's production company.

Tum Tum Production

We are a Brazilian production.Projeto CCOMA represent and the project Tum Tum Instrumental.

Tupasimi Producciones

Antonio Cervi, former director of Tupasimi Producciones, is a French Italian producer and director. Since ten years now, established in Argentina,...

TV Apaguismo - Brazilian Contemporary Music

TV Apaguismo is a Brazilian contemporary movement that joins music and video (artistic and educational).