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Aga Khan Museum

Museum focuses on the arts of the Islamic civilisations — and especially of the plurality within Islam and of Islam’s relationship to other traditions

Agence Bousquet, Michele:

Montréal-based / is dedicated to accompany independent artist in the development of their musical projects to their public.

Ahluwalia, Kiran

Songlines inaugural Best Newcomer Award winner Kiran Ahluwalia is rocketing up the World Music Charts Europe with her 6th studio album 'Sanata: Stilln

AIM: Artists In Motion Inc.

AIM: Artists In Motion represents a diverse roster of dynamic talent. AIM is proud to have Leela Gilday & Digging Roots performing at WOMEX19!


Tarik & Julia Banzi present programs integrate a holistic approach to Andalusian music combining Andalusi', Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) & Spanish...

Alia Prod

ALIA Productions organizes tours in North America for world class internationally touring artists.

American Voices

American Voices provides cultural exchange through the performing arts and education in nations emerging from conflict and isolation.