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Zaman Production

Zaman Production organize international tours for traditional artists who come from the eastern Worlds.

Zambo Producciones

Zambo Producciones is the company of Cali, Colombia, who offers management services, booking and event production.

Zammo International

We believe that we, by creating a strong local “music” infrastructure, will bring better music to the global market. Contribute to a healthier...

Zamora Productions

Born in 1995 ago for artists’ management, Zamora Productions has extended its business to booking and concerts production.

Zamzama Productions

Music agency based in Paris, established in 2000, representing great artists and music from different parts of the world.

Zandari Festa/ DMZ Peace Train Music Festival

Zandri Festa is the premier indie music showcase festival in Seoul. DME Peace Train Music Festival is an international music festival.


ZAR recieved a Danish Music Award for album of the year 2009, for their third album 'Der Brænder en Ild'. ZAR will showcase on Womex Saturday at 9 pm.