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Wind Music International Corporation

Founded in 1988 and the only six-time Grammy nominee label in Asia, we are Taiwan’s biggest indie music company and well-known throughout East Asia.

Windcraft Loud

A Cypriot non-profit organisation promoting bands of the local world and jazz music scene, with a focus on winds. Organiser of Windcraft Music Fest.

Window to Europe

Research, concepts, events and exchange programs in ethnic music and culture of Siberia, Central Asia and beyond.

Wingrove Music

Wingrove Music is a young company created to promote talented artists and musicians.

If you are involved in any kind of world music, this is for you! This year, at Womax Richard Howell ( A&R for Maurice White,CEO of ...


WIZART is a recently established Hungarian independent cultural company. It is a booking agency for Hungarian bands and the programmer and think...