DAMIAN & BROTHERS off-showcase on 27.10.2007, at 21:15


Damian & Brothers
Filarmonika Romanes

Keeping the fire alive

Close your eyes. Hear the sounds of a big fire burning. Add the “cling” made by the specific gypsy coins outfit. Feel the rhythm of their bare-footed dancing. Smell the dust rising. See the striking colors they wear.

Damian & Brothers is a gypsy band coming from Romania, the land of experiences without precedent. But then again, Damian & Brothers is an orchestra which blends European innovative sound with traditional gypsy music. And the result is a completely new experience, something you don’t want to miss.

Damian, the main “brother”, has been singing since the age of 3. He has been playing together with some of the world’s famous stars, he followed his call. He started “Damian & Brothers” orchestra and issued Magdalena, their first album.

The “brothers” sing because they cannot live otherwise. But they also sing because they need to show the fire burning inside them. They reveal true stories lived around the fire. They share this incredible joy of life and they fascinate with the freedom of their spirit.

Damian & Brothers are not just playing music. They take the best of jazz, rock, electronic, world, gypsy, classical, trance and post-hip hop and re-invent them in a brand new way. This effervescent cocktail is overwhelming, so you become part of the magic before you know it.

Magdalena is an invitation to return to origins, to the primordial emotions. But there is more to come: Magdalena comes with a brand new message, more profound and incredibly alive. It’s about gypsy tradition and their dazzling culture.

The 18 brothers are 18 exceptional unique talents, and each one of them has many stories to tell. But it is when they reunite and start playing together, that they enchant you with their boost of energy and joy.

Open you eyes. Damian & Brothers came here to share with you their ethno specific values, which gypsies succeeded to preserve for so long. They are proud of being gypsies. And they want to make you proud that you are here to see them perform.

So prepare yourself and let them in.

article submitted by:Damian Draghici, Concert Masters