Concierto INTImo

"Concierto INTImo" that is a world music show starring Max Berrù Carrion founder of the historical group INTI-ILLIMANI.

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Totally acoustic, the show is based on a rearranged south american world music repertoire that was the foundation of INTI-ILLIMANI music production. In particular we chose those pieces where Max Berrù had a main role as a singer and we contaminated the show with mediterranean influences from italian songwirters and from the tradition.
The show has been presented in more than 300 cities in Italy with big audiences and great success for the promoters.
If interested we have a photo book from the 2008 live tour and a demo DVD. The DVD contains some songs as well as photos, behind the scenes and special features. Every background music on the DVD has been recorded during the 2008 live tour.

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