Wagner Barbosa


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Born in the town of Curitiba in May, 1980, Wagner Barbosa started, at the age of nine, studying how to play popular Brazilian rhythms in acoustic guitar. Later on, classical acoustic guitar for another five years. He graduated in Electrical Engineering in 2004, but his devotion for music always spoke louder. Still in Curitiba, he graduated as a Musica Popular Brasileira Specialist in 2005 at Faculdade de Artes do Paraná. In 2006, he moved to Sao Paulo in order to improve his popular guitar’s skills at Centro de Estudos Musicais Tom Jobim obtaining his certification after 4 years of studying Brazilian music’s legends. “Amanhecer”, his debut cd (2008) which has the partnership of the singer Paula Mirhan, really opened the way. The independent album distributed by Tratote (www.tratore.com.br) conquered the world and was among the TOP20 in sales, being absolutely sold out within a year. This same album got a new version, the special edition “Amanhecer Ao Vivo” (2010). In 2009, Wagner won the best music award at the “Festival de Musica de Jundiaí – São Paulo”, he also won the composition award from Centro Tom Jobim. Moreover, he performed with great names like: Chico Saraiva, Ana Luiza e Luis Felipe Gama, Conrado Paulino, Marcus Teixeira, Michel Leme. Wagner has already performed in France, Belgium, Estonia, and more recently a 15-concert tour at Poland, besides, of course, many concerts and festivals throughout Brazil.

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  • WOMEX 2010