Natalia Cuenca

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  • WOMEX 2017

Natalia Cuenca

She is a cultural manager with fifteen years’ experience in the performing arts circulation. She is the director of Corporación Gaia Lúdica & Cultura 10 years ago, leading all the processes of management, circulation and creation carried out by the organization. She also directed nine versions of the International Storytellers Festival ‘Quiero Cuento’, and for ten years programmed the permanent cultural spaces of Javeriana and Externado universities in Bogota. She has handled tours and projects of international dance, theatre and music groups in Colombia. She has been part of the jury of the scholarships programme at the Ministry of Culture.

Her work has stood out for establishing alliances and managing resources for doing projects such as ‘Bogotá vive el arte’ with the Arts Institute of Bogota, where approximately 1000 artists participated; ‘Buenaventura buena lectura’, which helped to donate more than 50.000 books to vulnerable population libraries; and ‘Palabras que vuelan y en el Pacífico se quedan’, that took artistic training workshops to Afro-Colombian cities.

She is currently directing the ‘Viajeros Valientes’ project which generates, through the arts, change actions for prevention of child abuse, and is also part of the coordination of the Colombia in Womex project.

Natalia Cuenca

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