"Ammasu - More Singing" - Ammasu Akapoma Group

Ammasu Akapoma Group
Amma Kyerenmaa,singer of funeral dirges
Kwame Yeboah & Ahenkaan w lady singers
CEX07 Ammasu - More Singing


The Aweso music is for enjoyment, even in funeral settings
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CEX07 Ammasu Akapoma Group: Ammasu - More Singing

Release date october 16, 2007 - MP3 only

On this release you will find three more Aweso numbers, another Funeral Dirge by Amma Kyerenmaa, more relaxed love singing, one more children's song and a Brass Band medley.
All from the village of Ammasu near Dormaa in Brong-Ahafu region of Ghana.

Texts and photos will also be put up on the Country & Eastern site showing the making of the Atumpan drums, portraits and life in the village.