Bengt Berger
Beches Brew - album cover
Beches Brew: Max Schultz, guitar, bass, banjo, voice
Beches Brew: Lindha Kallerdahl, voice
Beches Brew: Mats Öberg, keyboards, harmonica, voice
Beches Brew: Jonas Knutsson and Thomas Gustafsson, saxophones
Beches Brew: Bengt Berger, drums
Bengt Berger - press photo


Tune inspired by the ko-gyil xylophone from Ghana
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  • country:Sweden
  • region:Nordic
  • style(s):Folk, Jazz
  • label:Country & Eastern
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Country & Eastern

Line up

  • Bengt Berger (drums)
  • Jonas Knutsson (saxophones)
  • Lindha Kallerdahl (voice)
  • Mats Öberg (keysboards, harmonica, voice)
  • Max Schultz (guitar, banjo, vocal)
  • Sigge Krantz (sound)
  • Thomas Gustafsson (saxophones)


Finally Bengt Berger has managed to get a band together that conveys all his charateristics as composer, musician and band leader: The modal, the ethnic, the melodies, rhythms, the oldfashioned, avante garde, odd meters, humour and seriousness, chastity and sex, childishness, wisdom and senility, in a word: BECHES BREW.