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Elias Krantz


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Country & Eastern takes a bold step in a new direction when we release our first album in the Al Dente post-rock-indie-instrumental-krautrock-neojazz-alternative-electronic-psychedelic-experimental-pop genre, Night Ice by Elias Krantz on may 23, 2011. The release concerts will be held at Mosebacke on may 19 and at Debaser in Malmö on the 20th.

Elias' first album “Island Rock” was released via Airwaves in 2007 to rave reviews.
While listening to his new album you might be reminded of Krautrock legends such as NEU! and Can, as well as modern post-rock in the vein of Tortoise, Four Tet and Caribou, but obviously Elias has a very personal and unique musical language.
He has been working on the follow up over the last two years and the result will be released on Country & Eastern on May 23rd.
The name of the album is Night Ice.
It's hard to avoid hyperbole in texts like these but this album is indeed a huge step forward from his debut. More collaborations with a wide range of different musicians have allowed more ideas to be explored and developed. The result is an album in which your favorite track changes with every listen. Its brave, dynamic and as pure as they come. An album worthy of the two years spent on it's details."