Country & Eastern Party Band & Friends

C&E Christmas Party, release and calendar launching

Christmas Newletter
  • event type:Concert
  • date:01 Dec 2008
  • time:6 pm
  • city/area:Stockholm
  • venue:Jazzclub Fasching
  • country:Sweden
  • style(s):Christmas
  • event submitted by:Country & Eastern


Last years Christmas Party, X-mas Calendar and mp3 album with OUR versions of the Christmas kanon was a big success, so on december 1 we do it again, only now we also release the music on a double CD.

At midnight (GMT+1) on december 1 the christmas calendar will be operating.

Go to daily to hear a new christmas song interpreted in an unorthodox manner by the Country & Eastern Party Band and some of the greatest singers in Sweden.
Some of the songs are swedish and the comments are in swedish, but I'm sure you will understand all you need.

Simultaneously we release a double CD with the same songs. There will be links to it from the calendar at our site.

And if you are in Stockholm we celebrate with a Christmas Party with all the singers and then some at the last of our monthly C&E Nights at jazz club Fasching in Stockholm.
We open at 6 pm and will have a party up to midnight.

Performers are the Party Band (Lars Almqvist, Bengt Berger, Jonas Knutsson, Per Sjöberg, Max Schultz, Kjell Westling och Mats Öberg) ackompanying the following singers:
Sofia Berg-Böhm, Nicolai Dunger, Lina Englund, Lars Fredriksson and 108 crickets straight from China, Horn Please, Sofia Jernberg, Jeanette Lindström, Anita Livstrand, Gunnel Mauritzson, Ulrika Murray, Ale Möller, Lina Nyberg, Lars-Göran Persson, Torkel Rasmusson, Cosma Rauner, Niklas Rådström, Monica Söderberg, Lena Willemark, Kaya Ålander and DJ Daniel Bingert - So you see it will be quite a night.

Hope you'll make it.


PS And remember, the songs can only be heard for one day, so visit daily. DS