Haci Tekbilek
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The Adana studio
Haci Tekbilek


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Have a taste of Haci's mixture, his Türlü!
Ahmet ”Haci” Tekbilek is the internationally wellknown master of the ney, mey, oud, saz, surna, bagpipe, kaval and almost any instrument used in traditional turkish music. Haci has lived in Sweden since 1974 but this is his first cd in his own name and with musicians of his own choice. We have recorded him with his favourite swedish and syrian musicians living in Sweden. We also traveled with Haci to his native Adana to record with fantastic musicians from several local traditions, even recording his ney flute inside the turkish bath – the Hamam.

The 27 musicians on the album: Haci Tekbilek, Devran Baba, Mustafa Onurbas, Yasar Basözdes, Muhammer Basözdes, Veysel Basözdes, Suat Basözdes, Ramazan Basözdes, Erdal Kirtu, Mustafa Tanman, Serkan Böyür, Zurnaci Deniz, Fikret Sabirtasli, Ölcan Kusçu, Saad Al Masri, Ziad Aslan, Robert Abda, Sinan Slewa, Ellika Frisell, Jonas Knutsson, Sigge Krantz, Per Lenner, Rafael Sida, Mats Öberg, Hakan Gedik, Eser Kurt, Bülent Ecevit.