"Raag Charukeshee - Copenhagen 1986" - K. Sridhar

K. Sridhar
CEX04 Raag Charukeshee - Copenhagen 1986

CEX 04
Sarod: K. Sridhar
Tabla: Sopan Dev
Tamboura: Björn Weinreich
Recorded by John Höyer Nielsen in concert, Copenhagen september 15, 1986


Raag Charukeshee gets a very inspired treatmeant in this live concert.
This raga juxtaposes a "major" scale with a "minor" scale. It's mood is devotional and it should be heard after sunset. It is originally a Karnatic Raga
Ascending scale: C D E F G Ab Bb C
Descending scale: C Bb Ab G F E D C
After a long alap, two compositions in Teental of 16 beats will be played.