"RARE RAGAS AND TALAS - Stockholm 1986" - K. Sridhar

K. Sridhar
Cover painting on glass by unknown indian artist, 19th century


Composition in tala of 11 matras
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A North indian classical recording with the great indian sarod player K. Sridhar accompanied on tabla by Sopan Dev (Bengt Berger) and on Tanpura by Anita Livstrand.
The material is two south indian ragas (Shanmukha Priya and Charukesi) interpreted in north indian style. Apart from the alap they are presented with compositions in two rare talas, Jhumpak tala of 8 1/2 beats and Chartal-Ki-Savari of 11 beats. These recorded were originally released by Amigo Music on cassette and are now available for the first time in digital format.