Lars Fredriksson

Lars Fredriksson
Lars Fredriksson in the cricket store


a track from Ting Qiu - Listening to Autumn
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Line up

  • 108 chinese crickets (Themselves)
  • Lars Fredriksson (Composer, conductor)


these recordings are the result of labouri-ous experimenting with live crickets over many, many years. The compositions on this cd have been planned and carried out over months of living with crickets at home, in the wild and in the studio. Literally hundreds of hours have been recorded, edited and nar-rowed down to a repertoire of little over eight Living with Chinese Cricketshours, which in its turn, has been shaped into this compositional audio distillation. What you hear are true acoustic recordings of the crickets’ natural sound, never tampered with in any synthetic fashion. The extraordinary tonal variation comes from the care taken in the arrangement and selection of crickets and their positioning at the time of recording.