October 16: Country & Eastern releases BFBB: Live in Nürnberg

CEX09 Bitter Funeral Beer Band: Live in Nürnberg 84

CEX09 Bitter Funeral Beer Band: Live in Nürnberg 1984

Release date october 16. MP3 only.

By 1984 the Bitter Funeral Beer Band had further improved their handling of the combination of the west african, nordic and improvisational elements in Bengt Berger's music. The band had been joined by Liselotte Norelius on percussion, Kalle Eriksson on trumpet, Thomas Gustafsson on saxophones and Thomas Huhn on electric bass and percussion.
This is a live concert recorded by Bayerischer Rundfunk for radio and TV in Nürnberg.
The band:
Bengt Berger, Ko-Gyil (Lo-Birifor funeral xylophone), Atsimevu (Ewe master drum);
Anita Livstrand, Ko-Gyil, voice, percussion;
Liselotte Norelius, percussion;
Thomas Mera Gartz,percussion, tenor sax;
Sigge Krantz, acoustic and electric bass, guitar, percussion;
Thomas Huhn, electric bass, percussion
Matthias Helldén, cello, percussion;
Tord Bengtsson, violin, guitar, percussion;
Thomas Gustafsson, soprano sax, tenor sax, percussion;
Björn Hellström, bass clarinet, flute, percussion;
Ulf Wallander, soprano sax, tenor sax, percussion;
Jörgen Adolfsson, soprano sax, alto sax, percussion;
Tommy Adolfsson, trumpet, percussion;
Kalle Ericsson, trumpet, percussion

Please note that there are three video clips from the concert.

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