"Tal Ashta Mangal/Trital" - Sadanand Naimpalli

Sadanand Naimpalli
CEX02 Tal Ashta Mangal/Trital - Sadanand Naimpalli with Pandit Taranath

CEX02 Sadanand Naimpalli with Pandith Taranath - Tabla Solos.
1. TAL ASHTA MANGAL - On the very same day that the tabla duet on CE 01 was recorded, Sadanand played a solo in Tal Astha Mangal of 11 beats with his Guru Pandit Taranath playing the lehra on harmonium.
2. TRITAL - In this recording Pandit Taranath is leading Sadanand in playing some very rare and exclusive tihais and chakradars starting from all the odd places in the rhytmic cycle.