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10439 Berlin

Cuban Artists Agency is an artistic promotional label based in Berlin, Germany since 2003. We represent more than 20 Cuban groups of different...

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  • WOMEX 2004

company description

Cuban Artists Agency is an artistic promotional label based in Berlin, Germany since 2003. We represent more than 20 Cuban groups of different styles, all of them with high quality and International experience. In our musical catalog you can find groups of Salsa, Jazz, Traditional Music, Hip-Hop, Pop-Music and Afro Cuban style. Including two Dance Companies. Our offers also include all the information that you might need to hire a musical Cuban groups, or programming dance and percussion workshops in Cuba or around all the world.

Every month Cuban Artists Agency, make different programming with Cuban musical groups around Europe. Starting in Germany also include on tours Holland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Spain among others. Our offers based on number of performances, and dedicated to agencies, producers, Records labels etc. All these make easy the possibility to hire one performance or a number of concerts with a nice Cuban group in your territory on regular prices.

Cuban Artists Agency also make contracts with European venues, to permanent programming, including Festivals, live music clubs, Hotels, anniversary parties, cruisers etc. Together we can design any kind of style or musical line you want to your venues.

Contacts us and you don't have to worry anymore for your musical programming.

Compay Segundo Group (Buena Vista Social Club Stars)

Juan Carlos Alfonso y su DANDEN (Salsa - Son)

Cándido Fabré y su Banda (Salsa - Son)

Orquesta Monumento de Bayamo (Traditional )

Sonido Tres (Salsa - Son)

Sonora Habanera (Traditional)

Orquesta Sublime (Traditional)

Lucio el Sinsonte (Traditional)

Brisas del Valle (Traditional)

Orquesta Chepín Choven ( Traditional)

Quinteto Virama (Son Montuno)

Quinteto Kamaraco (Traditional)

Danays y su banda esperanza (Latin Jazz)

Ancestros ( Hip -Hop)

Vocal Baobab (AfroCuban)

Kanoi (Traditional)

Emilio Álvarez Alejo (Tango)

Baloy y su grupo (Son) Afro Cuban All Star

Canela (Jazz, Salsa)*Female Group*

Basilio Márquez y Eclipse (Jazz)

Obini Bata Akilawa (AfroCuban) *Female Group*

Peruchín Jr (Jazz)

Kinde (Cuban Pop)

Caribe Son (Salsa)

Dance Companies:

Lady Salsa group and dancers (Salsa) *Female Group*

Raíces Profundas (Folklore- Theatre- Ballet)

Ballet Folklorico de Camagüey (Folklore)

Vocal Baobab (AfroCuban)


Evelio Guevara Pérez



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