• country:Spain
  • region:Galicia
  • style(s):Folk, World Pop
  • label:Discos da Máquina
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:singer songwriter
  • artist submitted by:Culturactiva S.C.Q

Line up

  • Alonso Caxade (voices and accordion )
  • Manu Espinho (bombardino)
  • Manu Paino (Trumpet and carilhom )
  • Xosé Tunhas (Drums )


The new personal project by Alonso Caxade.
Indie-folk with a minimalist music savour and bucolic rural sounds from old Europe.
Modest, simple, elegant music, where the singer and songwriter mix postmodernist, surrealism with ironic, metaphoric and protest lirycs.