Brazilian Jazz albums for licensing

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We're selling well in Japan, and look for partners in Europe, North America and other territories.
We have successfully licensed four records to Japan. We are having a wonderful experience, including two tours in Japan as outcomes of these licensings.

Our search is for labels interested in Brazilian Jazz, especially for the following albums:

- Dani & Debora Gurgel Quarteto - "Luz" (2014)
- Dani & Debora Gurgel Quarteto - "UM" (2013)
- Metropole - "Metropole" (2014)

(Listen to the full albums on our page, and follow the links to YouTube - all songs are available on full videos of the live-at-studio recordings).

"Dani & Debora Gurgel Quarteto" will be touring Italy & Spain in October 2014, so please come see our shows if you're near us (full schedule on our label page).

Dani Gurgel (artist/manager) & Thiago Rabello (Metropole artist/DDG4 producer/manager) will attend Womex'14 representing Da Pá Virada, so let's meet!

article submitted by:Daniela Gurgel, Da Pa Virada