Press about Dani & Debora Gurgel

“Listen to this album (UM) as loud as you can. Certainly the pleasure of the live/one shot recording will spread throughout the room.”
Ryosuke Itoh, Taiyo Records (Japan, 2013)

“Brazilian rhythms and MPB incorporated with jazz harmony and improvisation in a dynamic result.”
Takashi Horiuchi, DaCapo Magazine (Japan, 2013)

“Dani Gurgel represents a new musical generation, both traditional and unexpected.”
Édouard Launet, Libération (Paris, 2009)

“Dani’s scatting sounds Brazilian; her intervals, attacks and phrasing articulations sound like jazz.”
Mauro Apicella, La Nación (Buenos Aires, 2011)

“Debora’s piano is highly refined. She thinks as a jazz musician, but won’t hide her Brazilian accent.”
Julio Maria, O Estado de São Paulo (São Paulo, 2014)


La Nación (Buenos Aires, 2011)Latina Magazine (Japan, 2013)O Estado de São Paulo (São Paulo, 2014)

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