Stanley Samuelsen

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  • WOMEX 2007

In 2008 Stanley recieved the Faroese Award of Art.
In 1992 Stanley recieved the Danish LO Culture price.

Since 1980 Stanley had been playing for the danish tradeunions at congresscenters, schools and universities. He played for politicians and workers all over Denmark, Sweden and even in Jamaica.

1990 Stanley began touring solo and he has been travelling and performing many times in all Nordic and Baltic countries.

Stanley has a huge repertoire and besides faroese he sings in english, danish and swedish.

STANLEY SAMUELSEN HAS RECORDED 3 SOLO ALBUMS IN 2008, 2005 and 1999. can be purchased from
With the guitartrio ACOUSTICA he released a cd late 2008.

It is obvious that Stanley is influenced by some of the well known english and american musicians from the 60's but Stanleys childhood as well as growing up in the rough but beautifull landscape of the Faroe Islands is a very big influence to his music, wich is very sensitive.

Playing the guitar is Stanleys way of expressing his inner feelings, and every chord , every tiny tone is perfectly placed and shines like a jewel to the listeners. So natural and so fine that people often say they donĀ“t need to understand the words when he performs in a language unknown. Stanleys music touches emotions deep inside.

Stanley Samuelsen was born in a small village, Fuglafjord, in the Faroe Islands. 18 small islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean between Scotland,Iceland and Norway.
As the youngest of 12 children and grew up with his mother and some elder sisters and brothers, since his father died shortly after Stanley was born.
At the age of 12 Stanley got his first guitar. Listening to the radio he tought himself to play and from the age of 14 he became a member of the local band Silly Boys and played at the dancehall every weekend.
In 1970 Silly Boys won a competition as the most popular band in the Faroe Islands. Stanley was already popular as a guitarist and singer.

Stanley went by ship to Denmark in 1970, and he never returned to live in his homeland again. Even that he never returned, he is well known in his homeland. Stanley is among the very bedst musicions of the Faroe Islands. And one of his songs is just as wellknown as the nationalsong of the islands.

In Denmark he played in different bands thoughout the years until he went solo in 1990.

You are wellcome to visit Stanleys official website

Stanley Samuelsen

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