Danube Music Festival

9 Rue Du Vivier
1050 Brussels


From March 20th to April 1st 2010, once again, the Danube river will be the host of our nomad festival - gathering of virtuoso musicians

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company description

The largest river in Europe, the Danube, takes its sources from Germany and, after crossing 8 European countries, flows into the Black Sea.
At 2007 more than 50 magnificent musicians met onboard a ship for the first edition of DANUBE MUSIC FESTIVAL “AGAINST THE STREAM”. In the language of music they managed wipe away the borders, be it actual or imaginary, which still exist in the minds of people.
From March 20th to April 1st 2010, once again, the Danube river will be the host of our nomad festival. Virtuoso musicians, who take their inspiration from going against the stream, will gather on the ship because music is like the river flows, never the same.

Musicians from the countries along Danube will play together and explore their cultural traditions. Many special guests from Turkey, Greece, Armenia, Russia, Albania and other countries will join them.

What makes this festival unique is its incomparable atmosphere of music and creativity that exists day and night. You will be in the “Heart” and the “Kitchen” of the musical creation, living and discussing with the musicians.


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