NIRMEGH (Sicily)
Ethno-pop with world influences in Sicilian dialect and Italian language

The music of the Sicilian band NIRMEGH is very intriguing. They combine ethnic sounds mixed with a lot of real wide range samples taken from world music. Quannu scura is a perfect example of ethno-pop with two guest vocalists: Faisal Taher on arabian vocals and the Sicilian dialect rapper Zu' Luciano.
La Vie, le Voyage has a very sufi-like vocal at its beginning. The lyrics, in Sicilian dialect and Italian as well, are very pretty, and this gives the project a melting-fusion sound with both mediterranean and oriental elements, trying to cover defined genres within world music prior to going into fusion. Bedda Criatura is a strong track, with a beautiful chorus and a long instrumental improvised tail, where guitar and violin create a charming ambient effect. Since 1999 the band took part to a lot of world music festivals in Italy and now they've just released their first studio album in 2005. The unreleased song Tarantella was included in a compilation CD called Music of Sicily released by Arc Music (UK).