Jeanneke den Boer

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Jeanneke den Boer is owner/director of DB Consult and founder of Culture Connection. She has all-round management experience, including as director of RASA in Utrecht and graduated in cultural anthropology/musicology and law. She has been working in the field of World Music since the eighties.

For company DB Consult,Jeanneke works as a policy researcher, fundraiser (also for European projects) and program director of festivals and international collaboration projects. At present Jeanneke is curating Festival Sacred Songs, which next edition will take place in The Hague in november

Since 2008 Jeanneke works for foundation Culture Connection that aims to create an open space for encounter between people of different cultures and religions, while respecting every one’s own values. Culture Connection organizes urban arts festivals, community arts project and intercultural music productions and artistic exchange programmes with North-Africa and the Middle-East.

Culture Connection is currently working on the following projects:

1) Arabic-Crossroads-Music&Poetry, an international collaboaration project with groundbreaking young performing artists from North-Africa and the Middle-East. A tour with rapper/poet/musician Walid Ben Selim, dj/producer Arjen de Vreede(DNA; Urban Dance Squad) and Kytopia-musicians will take place in november 2017. more info:

2)Sacred Songs, a vocal production with local choirs from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds and with Monica Akihary as artistic director. Choirs and singers represent different singing styles, traditions and repertoire which blend fluently during their joint presentation. Culture Connection realizes the vocal production in The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam and organises the presentations in churches. more info:

Another project of Culture Connection is Festival Cultural Caravan taking place in super diverse urban neighborhoods.

Jeanneke den Boer

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