Celso Piña

Line up

  • Back Enrique Alejandro Rosales Granados (Guitar )
  • Celso Piña Arvizu  (Vocal lead + Accordeon )
  • Eduardo Piña Arvizu (Bass )
  • Hernan Cortez (Percussion )
  • Juan Jose Quiroz Dominguez (Vocal )
  • Ruben Piña Arvizu (Drum )
  • country:
  • style(s):
    • Cumbia
    • Latin
  • label:
    La Tuna Records
  • type:
  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:

Saturday 29/10/11 22:00 | Koncerthuset: Foyer Stage 1

Tropical style modernisations from Mexico's famed veteran rebel of the accordion.

With nearly two dozen albums to his credit, singer, composer and accordionist Celso Pina is known for his pioneering experimentation with the tropical style, the Mexican version of cumbia popular since the 1950s. He's been hooking it up with all kinds of urban and popular styles from nortena and sonidera to ska, reggae, rap and hip-hop. His massive 2001 hit, 'Cumbia Sobre el Rio' featured in the soundtrack of the film Babel created a whole new hybrid of cumbia and electronica. Since then, he's made successful collaborations with artists such as Lila Downs, Control Machete, El Gran Silencio, and Sergent Garcia while constantly touring at home and in the Americas with his group, Ronda Bogota. Now, after a career spanning over 30 years, he's making his European debut at WOMEX. Sera una fiesta


Celso Piña




Cumbia Arenosa


El Pescador (Feat. Lila Downs)


Cumbia Engolila


Sobre el Rio


Cumbia Arenosa (Please install the Flash-PlugIn)artist

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