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Difference was created late in 2003, combining the acquired experience with the innovation spirit.

Since the beginning that shows a growing notorie

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participating in

  • WOMEX 2008

company description

Difference focuses its activity in the following areas:

Management and artist development:
We contract artists and contribute for the development of its careers in all the essential areas, aiming to a bigger artistic value and success.

Production and marketing of literary and audiovisual supports:
We produce and release phonograms, videos and books, physical and digital.

Special Projects (Premium):
We have a department specialized in the creation of sound ambiences, audiovisuals and multimedia, integrating the image of the companies and organizations in physical and virtual spaces.

Through the Different Booking we provide to the represented artists, promotion and sale of concerts in Portugal and abroad.

Our Publishing division promotes the works of our authors and makes the revenues collection of the related rights in the global market.

Our Labels:

Difference it is the mother label.

Different City one dedicates to the new trends of urban music, more specialized in electronic fusions.

Different Kids it is a label oriented for didactic and pedagogical contents for the children, allowing new developing of healthful form its intellectual aptitudes.

Different Star it is the used label for products destined solely to the domestic market.

Different Vision it is the video division, dedicated to products of artistic and cultural entertainment.

Different World it is the house of the ethnic fusions made a little bit around the world, with special incidence in the Portuguese speaking countries.

Mission, Vision and Values:

Our mission it is to provide to our customers new emotions, through the original and excellence in surprising contents.
In each Difference concept, a trip exists that blunts the senses for the discovery. Where the human values are elevated, contributing for one better well-being and perception of the world that surrounds us.

Difference’s vision sustains in the creation of products and services that are a reference for its pioneering, quality and originality.
The permanent mutation of the markets and the technological factors are the biggest challenge, finding new ways of being.

Difference’s values are; Passion in each stage of the work, Creativity in the conception and development of each new project, Respect for its partners and customers, Innovation through the originality and Quality guaranteed in each product and service.

We think differently!

Difference Business-to-Business:

Throughout these 5 years, Difference has been differentiated of its competitors for the originality, quality and daring of its projects.

We produce Premium audiovisuals and multimedia, in physical and digital supports, with high quality and competitive prices.

Our main target is companies and organizations that intend to add the best value and increase the sale of its products through special actions.



  • Mondomix.com with "Bazooka"

    The song "Bazooka" by Águias Reais is featured at... 14 Oct 2008 - written by Suzy Lorena, Difference Entertainment from Portugal



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