"The Tangier Sessions" - DISSIDENTEN

Tanger Sesssions - CD Cover


DISSIDENTEN | ‘The World’ was Dissidenten’s main musical subject long before such ideas floated into fashion. Over a twenty fi ve-year span their projects have ranked not only among the most innovative German multicultural collaborations but they also fi gure among the most telling international contributions to the development and broadening of popular music. Since the term ‘World Music’ entered the music business lexicon in the early 1980s Dissidenten’s name has been synonymous with, and at the forefront of ‘World Music’. After all, it was the New York Times that dubbed them “Godfathers of World-Beat”.

JIL JILALA | Jil Jilala got their name from a famous Sufi brotherhood in Morocco: the Jilala,which pay homage to The Saint of Baghdad, Abdelqader al Jilani. Jil Jilala and Nas el Ghiwaneare the most famous Moroccan Bands. If Nass el Ghiwane are to be called ‘The Rolling Stones‘ of Africa, then Jil Jilala should be ‘The Beatles‘ of Africa!

Dissidenten & Jil Jilala are now poised to deliver a new ambitious artistic project. During the last year they have been working together on opening a new chapter of ‘Morock’n Roll’: »THE TANGIER SESSIONS«