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Divano Production, created in 1989, is an independent company, based in Brussels / Belgium. It started its activities by discovering and presenting th

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Divano Production (formerly Mukalo) has always promoted a very special kind of traditional music: music for parties and weddings, music that is performed by local minority groups who pass down their indigenous musical traditions through generations. Unlike folk music, this traditional music is always living, always performed - still today - during local festivities and in everyday life.

Divano Production started its activities by discovering and presenting the famous gypsy bands Taraf de Haïdouks from Romania and Kocani Orkestar from Macedonia.
Our purpose is to promote traditional music from all over the world. We manage various bands, such as gypsy musicians from Romania and Macedonia, Tuareg musicians from Mali, Congolese musicians, ...

Our activity includes concerts and tours around the world, co-edition of records, participation in the making of movie sound tracks, conception of special projects including various bands, and more.


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