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The Kolpakov Trio was founded by Alexander (Sasha) Kolpakov, former director of Moscow's Roman Theatre, the world's longest established Gypsy theatre. Sasha is both an actor and a leading exponent of that region's traditional Gypsy seven-string guitar.

The style of Gypsy music performed by Kolpakov Trio is an extremely dramatic one, drawing on the tradition of romance music and song, a genre only found in Russia and its former territories. That said, Russian Gypsy music has long been open to outside influences in the 1930s it adopted elements of jazz and spirituals so developing a rich, complex sound.

Sasha is accompanied by his nephew Vadim Kolpakov, renowned guitarist, vocalist and dancer and by Arcadiy Gips on the violin. After various collaborations with artists such as Gogol Bordello's Eugene Huetz and having just completed a two-year tour with the queen of pop, Madonna, the Kolpakov Trio is back

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Madonna gathered a band of fiery acoustic players around her, led by A. Kolpakov (...) it was audacious, surprising and rather splendid. The Times

Sasha Kolpakov is authentic to the bone. Eugene Huetz / Gogol Bordello