DJ Mam

DJ MAM, acclaimed artist of the modern Brazilian scene, became top 20 of World Music Charts Europe, after his show at Roskilde Festival 2015.

  • c/o Sotaque Carregado
    Rua Manoel Niobel, 11, 201, Urca
    22291-220 Rio de Janeiro
    Rio de Janeiro
public contact
  • +55 212266-2096
  • email to DJ Mam public contact
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DJ MAM is an acclaimed artist, producer and composer of the modern Brazilian music scene. His album ‘Sotaque Carregado’ was indicated to the Brazilian Music Award, and has been getting international recognition, reaching the top 20 of the World Music Charts Europe, and lineup of events such as Roskilde Festival. MAM want circulate at the festivals with his show solo and with his band. He also wanna distribute his tunes by the world music labels. He will be with a stand, the "Sounds of Rio" number 1.106.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2016
  • WOMEX 2015


"Sotaque REcarregado" - DJ MAM

"Sotaque Carregado" - DJ MAM