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“... a mega band from Berlin... people should know and listen to..." Generation Bass (International music blog)

“…varied, exciting, experimental and modern. Every Song is full of surprises…” SalsaMAG (Musicmagazin)

“Kulturelle Globalisierung.” Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (Daily press)

DLC-SÜDSOUND (Después Le Cuento – SÜDSOUND) is a Berlin based band, born in 2009 in the midst of Neukölln, one of the city’s main migrant neighbourhoods. The 8 musicians are from Colombia, Cuba, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain. The band have now rapidly become one of the most daring and captivating Latino musical projects in Berlin and Germany.

The band plays what they have labelled “Neo Latin”. This concept is rooted from the development of a specific sound influenced by both Berlin’s geographical and emotional dimensions; while feeding from Funk, Jazz, Rock and Hip-Hop and weaving itself together with Salsa and Latino roots.

At the end of 2010, the band went into the studio and independently produced its first EP, also called ‘DLC SÜDSOUND’, which was released in early 2011. Later that same year the band was very pleased to be chosen by the international NetLabel “Latino Resiste” to be part of the compilation album "Azucah Selectah". This combined the new sounds and flavours of the Latino and salsa world.

DLC-SÜDSOUND have already entertained the crowds of major festivals such as the “Fusion Festival” or ‘Karneval der Kulturen’ in Germany and at international clubs such as the legendary ‘Quasimodo’ or ‘SO36’ in Berlin, amongst others.

The musicians, born and musically-bred from different traditions come together to produce lyrics and a creativity that breaks the traditional European approaches to Latino music – particularly Salsa.

Welcome to the turbulent Latino Groove Experience!

Cesar Diaz

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