Brina Vogelnik



Brina comes from a well-known artistic family from Ljubljana. Following her interest in dance and art, she entered the Academy of Arts in Ljubljana in 1995, the Department of Graphic Design. She continued improving her knowledge of computer and graphic animation at the Gesamthochschule University of Essen, Germany. In 2002 she graduated and thus became a visual communications designer. Her graduation research was on plasticine animation. She has continued her research in this field in her master’s degree programme.

She was inspired by folk tradition by her mother. Her breakthrough to the stages started with her participation in dance shows involving masks and puppets, after which she soon had her first concert with duo Andrabrin. She was becoming increasingly successful. She has taken part in many movemental-dance performances and puppet shows by the Kinetikon Society, in children's TV series (Bisergora, for which she also designed the webpage: broadcasted at the Slovenian national television. She is the creator of short animated films and music clips made in the non-stop technique where she uses different materials (collage, plasticine,…). The band Brina received a music award at Izolanima 2006 (Slovenian animation festival in Izola) for their animated video clip for the album Mlado Leto.

She performed at the Druga Godba Festival for the first time in 1999 with the band Šišenska bajka, which opened the doors for the recording of her first album – Graščakinja (2002) created together with the group and their band leader
Vlado Batista. For her performance she has received the Slovenian student talent prize Zlata ptica. In 2003 she founded the group Brina who have released two albums: Mlado Leto (The Young Year) and Pasja Legenda (A Dog’s Legend). For the album Pasja Legenda she used photo images of models created from plasticine and wire. Included in the album Pasja Legenda is also a colourful booklet with all the songs and their short summaries in English.

At the new album of the group Laibach, Volk, Brina sings the song Slovania. Together with the legendary Croatian singer Arsen Dedić and Italian singer Tosca, she performed at the concerts 'Different Sensations' in Slovenia and Italy in November 2006, dedicated to the exceptional Italian singer and songwriter Sergio Endrigo.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2005
  • WOMEX 2003