Džambo Aguševi Orchestra

Line up

  • Ali Zerirov (tenor horn)
  • Dzafer Fazliov (tenor horn)
  • Dzambo Agusev (trumpet, vocals, band leader)
  • Dzemal Agusev (trumpet, vocals)
  • Elvijan Demirovski (tenor horn)
  • Koco Agusev (trumpet)
  • Mastafa Zejnelov (tenor horn)
  • Orfej Chakalovski (big drum)
  • Redzep Nedzatov (drums)
  • Sukri Dzevatov (helicon)
  • Sunaj Mustafov (trumpet)

In the competitive world of Balkan brass bands, a new star of the trumpet has been sweeping up the necessary awards to claim a place at the top of the tree. Džambo Agušhev, from Strumica, in eastern Macedonia, seems to have been born with a trumpet in his hand and to have grown up doing nothing but practice on it, earning himself a place in his uncle Koco's well-known band, Aguševi, at the age of 11. He's still playing with Koco today but he's taken over the band and with his trumpet talents and innovative arrangements has turned it into a cutting-edge juggernaut of the genre with four forward trumpets, moving to the throbbing hubbub of three tenor horns and a tuba in the second line, driven along by tapan and rocking drums. Not for sitting.


Džambo Aguševi Orchestra


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