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EA! is a flamenco/world music group from Cádiz, south of Spain. "EA! sews up flamenco with jazz and does it with Arabic thread on rock needles…”

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'EA!'s sound was born in the mountains of Granada and nurtured in the waters of Cádiz. It draws as much from Mediterranean sources as from those of the Atlantic, in an effort to bring people and music together, save oceans and unite continents..

Pilar La Mónica (from Chiclana, Cádiz) and guitarist Juan José Madrera initiated the group, and soon called on a second guitarist and the original line-up of 'EA!' was born. In 1994, the guitarist Iván Vallejo, and his brother Nacho, a flautist, soon joined the group. Their first CD ‘Oripandó’ (1996) was recorded, produced by the company Big Band and distributed all over Europe and EEUU, Mexico, Canada, Japan…

Shortly thereafter percussionist and guitarist Carlos Rey joined the troupe. On 1999 they recorded ‘Agüita’, where ‘EA!’ is joined by a number of guest musicians who add a myriad of world music sounds to the album. Darbuka, congas, cow bells, and bouzouki combine with traditional Flamenco instruments, creating a colorful and exciting musical experience.

This Cd resulted in many important performances in festivals like XI International Festival of Babylon (Iraq 1999), and others in France, Jordan, Switzerland, and in Spain they performed in various important stages like WOMAD 99 (60.000 spectators), Espárrago 99, International Festival of Córdoba 99, ACTUAL 2000 in Logroño, and others all over Spain.

In 2002 they launched their 3rd record, “La Vida”, with the artistic production of musician Joan Bibiloni. With this record EA! wraps up their musical baggage of the many world stages where they have performed and the unique print of its musicians. Above all, the unmistakable voice of Pilar «La Mónica», commanding with all her strength the guitars and flamenco rhythms that blend with the jazzy feel of the bass and flute. The record has many surprises like songs in euskera (Basque country language), Manuel Monge´s flamenco voice (nephew of a legend, Camarón de la Isla), the sound of the txalapartas ( a unique Basque percussion instrument, by two players in a peculiar musical dialogue), voice and sitar of Mohamed Akel from the Arabigo-Andalusí orchestra of Tanger, and other important musicians.

In 2004, the band started its own independent adventure, the label “Eamusica”, and with it they have recorded “Un Sentir”, their last work:
“In “Un Sentir” EA! sews up flamenco with jazz and does it with Arabic thread on rock needles…” wrote Carlos Bop in an article for the musical magazine VOICE.

In October 2007 the group will launch their fifth cd: “UN i VERSO”. Whereas EA!’s four previous records all have the name of an element in their titles (fire, water, air, earth), this one speaks of the space where they interact, and merges one-verse together to create a Uni-verse.

Released and distributed by their own label “EA MUSIC”, this is another step in independently producing their own projects. UNiVERSO has been recorded in their home recording studios, reinforcing their choice to produce a more home made, rooted work which speaks directly to their audience. This approach has allowed them to collaborate with many musicians, writers, composers and…. friends!

The spirit of fusion continues to prevail in this record where, as well as the voices, guitars, flutes and saxophones of EA!, there is double bass, drums, accordions, trumpets, sitar, txalapartas, didgeridoo... It is a place where colours and shades are mixed and turned into a record.


Oripando (Big Bang/Tinder, 1996)
Agüita (Nubenegra, 1999)
La Vida (2002)
Un Sentir (Eamusica, 2004)
UniVerso (October 2007)


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