Tomas Kocko & Orchestr

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    Czech Republic
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    • East European
    • Folk
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    instrumental, vocal
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Going back to history, since primeval age Moravia was historical land with its own identity, habits, lords and little different language from its nearest Slavic relative - Bohemia. During the Middle Age both the countries were joined together into the Czech Kingdom and until today they both create two main lands of the Czech Republic. But while Bohemia always had very close cultural and economic connections with Western Europe, Moravia till now is the more "eastern" country, where old traditions are still living in ceremonies, celebrations, habits and music of its people.

The path of Tomas Kocko to enchant by Moravian folklore led through poetry of Ladislav Nezdaril who wrote his poems in Walachia mountaineers' dialect. The debut CD "Horni chlapci" (Upper lads /1999) consists uniquely of these poems set to music. This album won a prize of Folk & Country magazine as the Debut Album of the Year.

The second album "Ondras" (Andrew /2000) inspired by legendary hero of Northern Moravia where Tomas was born, already comprises modified traditional songs with outlaws theme and initial response pieces by Tomas as author. In that time the band settled on Czech folk scene as one of the most innovative acts coming out of local traditions.

In 2001 was released Tomas Kocko's third album named "Hodovnice". Apart from two exceptions there are only Tomas' songs here. The album searches for inspiration in the oldest traditional Slavic habits and pre-Christian roots.

The next CD "Do tanca" (Let's Dance /2003) is eruption of rhythms and melodies inspired by traditional Moravian dances, dance moods and common human need to "dance" both sorrow and joy away. The CD contains also video clip "Tanecnica", very successful in Czech TV chart. This album gained big acclaim and success and was nominated for Czech "Grammy Award ANDEL 2003" in the world music category. At home the band is called "Moravian Chieftains", while international reviews file the band somewhere between Hedningarna and Muzsikas.

On the very last album "Poplor" (2006) Tomas Kocko reserches also other European cultures, like Skandinavia or Balkan, but always firmly rooted into the Moravian tradition. This album reached Czech "Grammy Award ANDEL 2006" in the world music category.

Tomas Kocko & Orchestr are welcomed guests of many festivals not only in Czech republic (Colours of Ostrava, Folk Holidays in Namest, Zahrada, Prazdniny v Telci etc.) but also in abroad. They had a big success especially in Poland, where performed on the biggest folk and world music festivals like Nowa Tradycja, Folk Mazovia, Ostrow Wielkopolski and won 1st prize of Ethnosfera 2002. The last band's performances include also EBU festivals in Ireland and Slovenia, Le Village Europeen des Nouvelles Musiques Traditionnelles in France, United Island Festival in Prague and several clubs in Ireland, France, Poland etc.


Tomas Kocko & Orchestr


Tomas KockoTomas KockoTomas KockoTomas Kocko


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Hrajte, ze mi hrajte

Tomas Kocko, CD Do tanca!


Zbojnicky zvrtek

Tomas Kocko, CD Do tanca!



Tomas Kocko, CD Do tanca!

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