Little Cow
  • country:Hungary
  • label:Eastblok Music
  • type:Band
  • artist submitted by:Eastblok Music


Every kid knows LITTLE COW in Hungary. There is a very popular animation series with this little yellow cow figure. This was thought up and produced by László Kollár, LITTLE COW’s frontman and master mind. He also composed a few songs for the films, which became very popular. So he gathered some of Budapest’s best musicians and the band LITTLE COW (in Hungarian – ‘Kistehén’) was born. The group – as it is now – was formed in 2005 and that was also the year of the incredible Hungarian success of their song Cyber Boy. Thanks to this, they were invited to festivals, village days, town cultural celebrations and TV shows – and in the meantime have grown into a great live band. By 2006 they became one of Hungary’s most popular bands and have played major festivals and big cultural events.

What kind of music?
This isn’t so easy to tell. In Hungary the band calls it ‘cultural wedding sound’ – which sounds strange in English, as well as in Hungarian! They also refer to it as crazy listening. Another funny comparison is „Village Beatles“. LITTLE COW handle genres, rhythms as they wish – Gypsy, Balkan, rock, ska, pop, brass, dance rhythms are all mixed and matched. The music and the words are fun - simple, naive, but not light. And the songs just stay in your head. Timeless tunes between melancholy and joy. It’s time you get used to Hungarian.