eka3 is the regional organization dedicated to quality Arabic music; music that grabs your attention, moves your senses, and provokes your thought.

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We are an independent organization dedicated to creating and empowering the market infrastructure necessary for quality independent Arabic music to grow to its full potential in a sustainable and supportive ecosystem, founded in 2007 in Cairo, Egypt.

We create properties that specialize in parts of the music business cycle in which we find a market gap needed to be filled.

Our culture is based on artistic integrity, constant learning & improvement, transparency, cooperation, seriousness, and creativity.



participating in

  • WOMEX 2015
  • WOMEX 2014
  • WOMEX 2012
  • WOMEX 2010
  • virtualWOMEX


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"Tool El Taree'" - Maryam Saleh

"Toss Weshak" - Kareem Abo Raida

"El Khad" - Tamer Abu Ghazaleh

"Ashekatal Wardi" - Maryam Saleh

"Khat Thaleth" - Various Artists

"El Morabba3" - El Morabba3

"Mesh Baghanny" - Maryam Saleh

"Mixtape" - I-Voice

"InJazz (Wednesday)" - Kayaan

"As Blue as the Rivers of Amman" - Yacoub Abu Ghosh

"Made in Palestine" - Various Artists

"1944" - Salam Homoud

"Leka@eka3" - Various Artists

"Dream She Is" - Joelle Khoury

"Bayna Bayn" - Sharq

"Mir'ah (Mirror)" - Tamer Abu Ghazaleh

"Arabic Rocks" - Jadal

"Laka Anta" - Rabea Beirut