• country:Jordan
  • style(s):Arabic, Ragga
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal, electronic, brass, rock band, guitar
  • artist submitted by:eka3

Line up

  • Avo Demerjian  (Bass guitar & Vocal)
  • Bashar Hamdan (Saxophone & Keys)
  • Wisam Qatawneh (Keyboard & Vocal)
  • Yazan Al Rousan (Guitar & Main Vocal)
  • Yazan Al Rousan (Guitar & Main Vocal)


Autostrad is an Arab Mediterranean Indie band from Jordan and
is the result of a -16year friendship, its members long knew
each other before establishing it in 2007.
The band’s music style is eclectic and original, as it takes its
influences from different genres such as reggae, funk, latin and
rock while giving it its proper Jordanian touch by adding a
timeless lyrics that can be consumed decades later without
being out-dated.
Inspired by everyday life in Jordan, Autostrad’s repertoire
tackles a variety of themes such as stories of love, struggle,
financial challenges, drug abuse and finding oneself, reaching a
very wide fan base among the youth in Jordan and exceeding its
own territory to other Arab nations as well as Europe and the
Till now, Autostrad released 3 albums: Fe Autostrad (2009),
Autostrad 2011) 2011) and Nitrogen (2013) and had participated in
many events in Jordan, Palestine, UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus,
Syria, the UK and the US.
Autostrad has a signature slogan in Jordanian Arabic that has
spread way beyond Jordan and became the band’s own signature.
“Agwa no3”, meaning “the best kind”, is Autostrad’s catch phrase
when they refer to their fans, music and the causes they advocate.