Kamilya Jubran & Sarah Murcia

Kamilya Jubran & Sarah Murcia
  • country:Palestine
  • style(s):Arabic, World
  • label:Accords Croisés
  • type:Duo
  • gender:female
  • artist submitted by:eka3

Line up

  • Kamilya Jubran (Vocal / Oud)
  • Sarah Murcia (Double Bass)


Between Kamilya Jubran, a Palestinian singer determined to play the oud and move to Europe, while seeking an original musical path between the Arab traditions and contemporary elements, and Sarah Murcia, a French double bass player open to all the experiences of pop, jazz and improvisation, from Jacques Higelin to Elysian Fields via Magic Malik and his quartet Caroline, the desire was great for a real joint project. But how to make happen the creation of music together with such separate paths and ways of playing, without one bending to the demands of the music of the other, and beyond a simple overlapping?