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Electric Kulintang


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Dialects, the debut album by Electric Kulintang is an album that perfectly distills electronic, dance and Kulintang music. Kulintang music comes from the Philippines, named after a percussion instrument that consists of eight gongs it is also used as the name of the music being played. The duo, Susie Ibarra (composer/percussionist, vocals) and Roberto Rodriguez (composer/percussionist, beat maker) colaborate in the blending and creation of this Filipino trip-hop.
Filipina-American Composer/Percussionist Susie Ibarra is best known for her individual artistry on percussion and genre-defying music. Cuban born drummer/percussionist and composer Roberto Rodriguez brings groundbreaking new music through his original musical voice.

Electric Kulintang formed in 2005, after Ibarra and Rodriguez, traveled to the Philippines to research live Kulintang music and dance. Ibarra, in 2002, composed and performed with an electro-acoustic ensemble that included the kulintang instrument but through the encouragement of Rodriguez to make the kulintang electric, EK was born. With Rodriguez programming beats and Ibarra composing the music, Electric Kulintang has already caught the attention of the Magic Triangle Festival in Amherst, Musica a Metronom in Barcelona, and the American Composers Out Front series at Joe's Pub at the Public Theatre in NYC. These live performances have been joined by the likes of Thurston Moore (who guests on Dialects), Oz Noy (also guests on Dialects), Sean Lennon, Craig Taborn and Trevor Dunn.

Electric Kulintang's Dialects is cinematic in many ways, telling short stories and poems to its listeners. Each piece is a scene, sometimes nostalgic of a place, sometimes nostalgic of a memory. Listeners of Jazz, Pop and Rock Noise, Indie and Experimental all have something to look forward to in Dialects. Not to mention the world of New Composers, Improvisors, Avant-Garde and World Music aficionados who have been waiting to see what Susie Ibarra and Roberto Rodriguez's new genre-bending music will bring to the plate.